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Small Business Marketing Consultant

What can a marketing consultant do for your business?
Let's face it, promoting your business can be a full-time job on its own. Marketing tactics are constantly being developed and new technologies are steadily being added into the mix. And if you're busy running your business, how in the world will you ever have time to stay up-to-date on all of that? A marketing consultant can free you up to spend your time on the day to day operations of your business. Read More
small business marketing consultant

Full Service Marketing

One-stop-shop marketing services for your small business. Our diverse staff is trained in a wide variety of marketing disciplines, giving us the ability to handle almost all of your needs. From custom web design to social media marketing to search engine optimization, not only can we develop the plan, but we can put the plan into action!    Read More
full service marketing

Website Design & Development

We've all heard the adage "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" and the saying goes for your website as well. Studies show that your prospects will decide in less than 3 seconds if they should stay at your website – or visit the competition. If your site is poorly designed, inadequately maintained, and/or ineffectively positioned, this will shape the prospect's impression of your brand.   Read More
custom website design

FREE Website Copy Checklist

While the overall system we use for our website copywriting projects is rather complex, we have a simple checklist that we use to review the completed copy before we publish it to the web. This Website Copy Checklist outlines the basic steps we use.

Download Your FREE Copy Now! Get It Here...
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Marketing Blog

Incorporating Social Media into Your Email Marketing

Believe it or not, we still talk to clients and prospects on a regular basis who don't want to "bother with email marketing" because they think email is a dying channel. They think they should be focusing their marketing efforts - and dollars - on social media marketing, or mobile marketing, or other emerging channels, instead of "wasting time" on email. But, according to a consumer study...


marketing blog

Affordable SEO

Our affordable SEO Starter Service is designed for the small business who would like to increase its web presence and search engine ranking. This is a 30-day SEO program designed to improve your website and drive traffic. In addition, the program includes a complete review of your current website including... Read More


We offer one stop shop marketing services to small businesses and organizations that do not have a dedicated marketing department, or SBEs who would like to supplement the marketing they are currently doing. Our diverse staff is trained in a wide variety of marketing disciplines, giving us the ability to handle almost all of your needs including... Read More


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modern image marketingWe first opened shop in 1998 as a custom web design firm, and as marketing has evolved over the years, so have our services. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest digital marketing techniques, which allows us to provide a wide range of services that include not only web design but also email marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, search engine optimization, target market research, website analytics, marketing plan development and more.