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Don't know a blacklist from a blackhole?

Thought you could quit worrying about your reputation once you got out of high school?

Figured deliverability was something only the post office had to deal with?

Truth is, email marketing is more than just typing up a message and hitting the send button. In today's complex environment, we need to worry about blacklists and sender reputation and deliverability issues.

And then there's also CAN-spam regulations, and double opt-in, and bounce metrics, and honeypot hits, and rendering issues, and whitelisting, and delivery forensics, and spam traps, and authentication, and sender policy framework, and reverse dns, and throughput adjustments, and automated processing, and image blocking, and actionable headers, and privacy policies, and feedback loops, and relevancy, and opt-out processes, and safelists, and preferred senders, and segmentation, and dynamic content, and co-registration, and domain keys, and reply mechanisms, and ISP relations and certified email, and the list goes on and on and on.

Why spend hours and hours and weeks and weeks and months and months learning all the rules and regulations of email marketing - especially when they're constantly changing! Leave your email marketing to an email marketing consultant who's been in the business for 10 years.

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